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Adventure Rates

Hotel guests have access to special activity rates. These are available through our concierge service.

Adult Children
(3 - 12)
Day Pass Entrance $40 $30
Entrance + Lunch $65 $55
Entrance + Dinner $65 $55
Entrance + Lunch + Dinner $95 $85
Canyon Adventure Canyon Adventure only $60 $50
Day Pass with lunch + Canyon Adventure $80 $70
Day Pass with lunch + Canyon Adventure + 20' SPA treatment $95 $85
White Water Tubing** White Water Tubing** only $60 $50
Day Pass with lunch + White Water Tubing** $80 $70
Day Pass with lunch + White Water Tubing** + 20' SPA treatment $95 $85
Total Adventure Day Pass + White Water Tubing** + Canyon Adventure $120 $110
A Taste of Everything Day Pass + White Water Tubing** + Canyon Adventure
+ 20' SPA treatment
$135 $125
Bike Park Bike Park Access $12 -
Bike Rental $60 -
Day Pass with lunch + Bike Park Access $60 -
Day Pass with lunch + bike Park Access + 20' SPA treatment $75 -
Guided Hikes Options to several special destinations, per-hour rate,
2-hr minimum, 6 person max
$25 -
SPA Day Pass + 50' SPA treatment $90 $80
Day Pass with lunch includingWellness lunch menu
+ 50' SPA treatment
$100 $90

* The RP Day Pass includes:

  • Access to the thermal river, the natural river pools, and the hot springs.
  • Use of the mineral pools, each with a distinct water temperature and therapeutic water jets.
  • Hiking (without a guide), miles of diverse trail circuits, bridges, and panoramic lookouts.
  • Volcanic Mud Body-painting.
  • Use of towels and lockers.
  • Access to the changing areas and showers.

**White Water Tubing is operated only under favorable climate and river conditions


  1. We recommend that you bring sunblock and insect repellent to RP. Should you forget to bring these, you can obtain quality products at The Workshop or at The Spa.
  2. Closed shoes or sandals with back-strap are required for the Canyon Adventure.
  3. River/water shoes or sandals with back-strap and a bathing suit are recommended for White Water Tubing. You can use sneakers, but they are not ideal for this activity.
  4. White Water Tubing requisites are: a minimum height of 4’7” or 140cm, a minimum age of 12yrs, a body weight between 80 and 220lbs (36-100kg), intermediate swimming skills, and the capacity to demonstrate that instructions have been assimilated.
  5. White Water Tubing is not for everyone. There are several strong rapids in this segment of the river. It is possible to be scraped or bruised, especially if you are not in the proper sitting position along the trajectory.
  6. The Rio Perdido Bike Park is not recommended for riders without significant mountain biking experience.
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