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Amazing authentic food with fresh, local ingredients. Expect dining to be more than just keeping the blood sugar balanced, as our talented chef, creates inspired recipes, while respecting the integrity of local culinary tradition.

Our Chief of F+B has this innate creative mastery combining simple ingredients in World class recipes. In the kitchen, our chef leads a team that includes several locals, born and bred in tiny San Bernardo. These individuals add an invaluable rural knowhow to the mix.

We don’t believe in simply ordering supplies from one provider that hauls everything hundreds of miles on a truck. We look for local farms with amazing produce and international handling standards. Food should be safe, delicious, and even healing. Food should be respected.

To read more about our Sustainable Food and Beverage Practices, please visit our sustainability section.

With the help of passionate (and renown) architects we have created a special restaurant atmosphere that dissipates the mid-day’s heat without the need of inefficient air conditioning or noisy fans. Complementing the amazing food, our restaurant offers panoramic views from almost any point. There’s a place to lounge and a bar that offers international favorites as well as locally inspired cocktails; signature drinks that you will not find elsewhere, at least for now.

“Intimate dinner under the stars”

Rio Perdido is located in a unique area that boasts the least annual cloud-cover of any other spot in Costa Rica. Combined with the fact that we do not over-illuminate, this gives us perfect evening views of the starry sky. So we have decided to offer our guests the option of a special dinner on the Floating Platform, 160ft above the river convergence and below the evening sky. This dinner offers a special menu that varies nightly and can be tailored for each one of our guests. Please contact reception for more details.

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