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  • Bagaces is off Highway 1 (The Panamerican Highway), 20km north of Cañas and 25km south of Liberia.
  • From Bagaces, head north for 14km, towards Guayabo and the Miravalles Volcano, and make a right at Torno.
  • Drive 4km towards Fortuna de Bagaces and make a right.
  • Drive 2km through San Bernardo and finally make another right and take the gravel road south for less than 4km.

There are many road signs with white text on a brown background, from Bagaces, all the way to Rio Perdido.


  • The WAZE app on smartphones with connectivity.
  • GPS devices with up-to-date maps of Costa Rica
  • Rio Perdido is about 60km (40 miles) from the Liberia International Airport (LIR).
  • The drive from LIR takes about 1hr, under normal traffic conditions.
  • Heliport GPS coordinates:
    (N 10 35'54.2", W 085 11'53.4")
  • People along the way are always willing to guide and help!