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August, 2017

Coming in July 2018

In 12 months, an innovative bungalow concept will be unveiled at Rio Perdido. As with the original East Bungalows, the new Center Bungalows are being built by employing techniques that focus on sustainability and a minimal impact to the natural topography. All units have been situated so as to not require the cutting down of any of the mature trees in this very rare forest ecosystem. That being said, the privacy of each guest will be optimized, as the separation among the units will be significantly superior to what was allotted for the first phase.

Furthermore, these units will be almost 50% larger.

Among the details that will separate this project from anything that has been done are the mix of natural elements employed in the interior space, which will include locally sourced volcanic rock floors, wooden walls that have been naturally treated by using an ancient Japanese burning technique, and matte black ceiling panels. These dark, sexy rooms will boast panoramic, floor to ceiling windows, which will serve to project the beautiful forest into the room, thus, allowing nature to be the decor’s protagonist, without sacrificing guest comfort. It’s also worth noting that the bathrooms will be one-of-a-kind (we won’t spoil the surprise with the details!) and the ample balconies will float as much as 12ft over the forest floor.

This project has been a result of a 2-year planning and design collaboration involving our dev team COSTAPLAN, boutique architecture firm PARQ, and world-renown GENSLER. We are certain that this project will be a standout for the entire region.