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May, 2017

Shouldn't sun salutations always allow you to salute the sun? We think so. That's why our 4 floating platforms have no roof. We considered that Rio Perdido is set in Costa Rica's most sun-drenched area; we get little rain, and even during the year's wettest months, water usually falls in the afternoon. So, we can properly salute our magnificent, burning star.

What truly sets the new pods apart from any other yoga deck in the world is that these are built on steel structures that jut from large boulders embedded on the "lost river's" canyon edge. This means that you'll flow through your asanas 140ft above the one-of-a-kind hot river. Adjacent to the pods is the majestic canopy of an old and giant "Espavel tree", so there is a good chance that you'll be doing your routine in the presence of howlers or capuchins.