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January, 2018

The science and art of managing honey bees...

This is a centuries-old tradition that has allowed humans to collect much more than just honey... there's wax, propolis, royal jelly... Most importantly, fomenting the proliferation of these amazing insects protects the most important source of natural pollination.

At Rio Perdido, we have learned from local scientists that our setting provides optimum conditions for the proliferation of Melipona becheii. This particular species of bee is largely unknown to the world. They produce significantly less honey than the traditional European bee, however, the resulting honey

has impressive antimicrobial qualities. M.becheii, called Jicote Gato by the few locals that are knowledgable on the subject, were considered to be sacred by the Cabecar natives, whom used to depend on the bee's medicinal elixirs.

So, very soon, guests will have access to several facilitated hives and to the delicious, very special honey, of course. No “Aunt Jemima" on our pancakes!

And if you generally avoid insects with stingers, no worries; another very unique distinguishing factor is that the Jicote Gato bees have no stinger! These little guys are not aggressive so it is quite easy to borrow a bit of honey, taking great care to never deprive the bees of their essential food.