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Rio Perdido is a Platinum property. One of the very few in America to receive this certification for its exemplary practices in sustainable operation.

Environmental Commitment

A couple of years ago, when we commenced our construction planning and set out to convert several kilometers of rough trail into a smooth and safe gravel road, our engineer’s initial report called for the cutting of over 300 trees. Through a bit of compromise and successful reengineering, we reduced this number to less than 40 small trees. Simultaneously, with the guidance of ecologists and forestry engineers, we began with the planting of diverse native species that have successfully rooted. Overall, thousands of trees have been planted, thus far. Satellite imagery clearly reveal the great success of our reforestation efforts.

Many of the surrounding properties are quite large and used for the raising of livestock. We make a strong effort in keeping Rio Perdido impenetrable to roaming cows and sheep that, naturally, do not distinguish between grass and valuable saplings that are essential to one of our main goals: the accelerated and carefully overseen rebalancing of this very rare and specific ecosystem.

Even though pure water is bountiful at Rio Perdido, we still consider it our most precious resource. We have deep wells and natural springs that access a practically unlimited source of hot water. Beyond the comprehensive testing that we have carried out with important laboratories and government agencies, we are conscious of our natural resources and thus, we will never significantly tap into the respective capacities of our wells.

As far as powering our project: it is worth noting that 100% of our electrical energy comes from the Miravalles Geothermal Power Plant. Furthermore: even though the cheapest and easiest option for backup energy is diesel-powered generation, we have chosen to rely on natural gas for our backup supply, as well as for kitchen appliances and laundry equipment. Natural gas not only burns cleaner, but it also relies on a quieter combustion mechanism than diesel does.

While we could continue describing our many efforts in preservation for many more paragraphs we will encourage you to ask us about any of these efforts or any other related topic that is not mentioned on the site by emailing us at or by getting involved on the Rio Perdido Facebook Page. Also, you may like reading a brief entry about the "Triple Bottom Line" on Wikipedia.

Sustainable F&B practices

As mentioned in The Restaurant section, we make every effort to stay local with our providers. Quality and freshness is never compromised. Food handling practices are optimum and our kitchen is carefully designed to maintain an efficient operation and to meet strict sanitary standards.

This year, we will finally commence with our permaculture project. By 2016, we will produce our own organically grown herbs, spices, and a variety of vegetables and fruits.

While we have backup municipal water, we well our own potable water and we do not resort to chlorination. Our water is regularly tested and results have always indicated that it is very healthy water, with ideal mineralization. Nevertheless, for all potable water, we still resort to a 3-tier purification procedure, simply to assure that all of our guests consume the purest water possible…of a true, medicinal grade.

Smart Architecture

We have designed the property’s structures with the help of amazing design and engineering firms. Through proper insulation and the passive channeling of natural air currents (a difficult task because the cited air flows vary in direction and intensity with each season), we avoid wasting precious energy without compromise to our guests’ comfort.