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Yurro Waterfall

This is a short hike sums aproximately 1km, out and back. It is a relatively flat, yet attractive trail that takes you across the main hanging bridge. The destination is the top of a waterfall. Note that the Yurro's slate base may be dry from January to May, but it is always beautiful. Please do not walk on the rocks, as there are steep and slippery sections.

The Medicinal Spring

This hike is 2.5km, out and back. A relatively flat trail that takes you beyond the Yurro Waterfall, through the Miravalles dry forest and then to a denser and taller forest where the spring and streams are located. Old-time residents of the Montano and Santa Fe areas consider this water to have healing properties. It actually tastes a bit like Alka-Seltzer. Our constant lab testing has produced interesting results. The water's peculiar taste is due to the high concentrations of diluted magnesium.

Mesa Norte - Panoramic Lookout

The total distance is 3.5km, out and back. The walk begins with a soft ascent through the woods, takes you to an uncovered trail and then to a steeper climb for the last 250m (800 feet), before you get to the small, flat mesa. From the top, you can see all of the Guanacaste volcanoes, including the Miravalles, the Rincon de la Vieja, and the Tenorio. Because of the complete absence of artificial illumination, this is an amazing place to stargaze, to see the lit domes that mark the distant urban centers, and to appreciate 360 degrees of undisturbed nature under the moonlight.

Las Tumbas - Panoramic Lookout

The shorter version of this walk is 5km out and back with the option of an 8-10km loop for those desiring a more challenging hike. The views are comparable if not more impressive than those you can appreciate from Mesa Norte. The eroded volcanic rock formations in this area are amazing. We strongly recommend that you request one of our well-trained guides and plan accordingly so as to not be caught in the dark.